Record 96.5% of Singaporeans duly submitted tax returns in 2018

The Auto-Inclusion Scheme allowed 1.8 million taxpayers to fill up their tax forms through their HR departments.

A record 96.5% of taxpayers duly submitted their individual income tax returns this year, up from the 96% achieved last year.

The Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS) says one reason why so many submissions were punctual in 2018 was because of the Auto-Inclusion Scheme for employers.

Some 1.8 million taxpayers whose employers participated in the scheme, were able to enjoy the convenience of pre-filled tax returns (through their HR departments) this year as a result.

IRAS says that from 2019, the scheme will be extended to employers with fewer than eight employees.

This year, more payroll software vendors also integrated their payroll systems with IRAS via the Application Programming Interface. This meant 942 employers were able to submit their employees’ salary details conveniently online.

Furthermore, a total of 780,000 taxpayers, or more than 97% of those who filed their tax returns, did so electronically this year. About 23% of taxpayers used their mobile devices to access myTax Portal to file or view their tax returns on-the-go.

On the contingent workforce front, some 9,000 private-hire car drivers opted through Grab and Uber platforms to have their income and commission fees pre-filled in their individual income tax returns by IRAS this year.

This service initiative to pre-fill self-employed income information was extended to private-hire car drivers, after it was first implemented in 2015 for individual commission agents, such as property and insurance agents.  

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