The Science of Christmas

Christmas is here again and you are about to get busy with the preparations. What if I tell you that there is a standard formula to planning the office party?

Christmas comes every year and there is a standard formula to planning a party. The key ingredients can be summed up in the following equation.

Christmas = People + Ambience + Food + Activity


When planning your invitation list, think about the event tone you hope for and set a cap to the number of guests. If you are looking for something intimate, you will not want to have a big crowd and end up not having time to hold a proper conversation with anyone at all. In this case, you may consider having multiple smaller parties – be it on different days, or splitting into lunch and dinner.

On the other hand, it is worth considering to co-organise the party with other departments or someone else as well. You will achieve economy of scale – the cost can be shared, and it is worthwhile to opt for premium menus or decorative items. Besides, this creates opportunity for everyone to know new people and the crowd adds to the overall energy level.


Have a theme! You may think that Christmas decoration is just Christmas decorations but it is not true. There are many ways you can go about doing it.

Colour coordination, for instance. Go elegant with black and gold, go wintery with blue and white, or classic with red and green. Do you want it cartoonish with snowman and characters right out of Disney’s Frozen? Do you want it warm and rustic with fairy lights and staged fireplace?

Set aside the budget you have to play with. Even if it is not much, you can still put together something decent with the likes of DIY Christmas tree, scenic wallpapers and random ornaments kept away in the store.

Lastly, turn on some Christmas music, and you are set!


If you are catering food, do not let your decorations to be ruined by dull buffet lines with mismatched table skirting and unsightly plastic cutleries.

Orange Clove Catering's Christmas buffets for instance, come with full thematic set-up. This year, they are going Black and Gold – they will be sure to add that touch of glitter and prestige! For cutleries, they use premium disposables that resemble steel and arrange them by the buffet line in the most creative ways.

It is worth noting that their Christmas menus have gotten a lease of life from their new zesty signatures. You can look forward to sweetening up the occasion with their Honey Orange Glazed Chicken with Ginger & Clove (picture above) in December’s Lustre ($25/pax), or Orange and Berries Panna Cotta in Gold Splendour ($45/pax).

The most value-for-money menu however, goes to Glitzy Delights ($35/pax). First up, enjoy your roasted beef appetiser which is accompanied by marinated green pea, corn and semi-dried tomatoes. The splash of colour is further accentuated in the dash of passion fruit dressing on mixed cherry tomatoes and grapes salad.

For those fickle meat-lovers, worry not with the cold platter! Smoked Salmon, Smoke Duck, Honey Chicken Ham – you have it all. Seafood lovers, meanwhile, would not be disappointed with French Bouillabaisse-style Snapper and Breaded Scallop Fritters. Last but not all, introducing the most creative greens as yet – Winter Medley Vegetable Crumbles! Doesn’t the sound of it make your tummy rumble?

For smaller parties, they do offer mini-buffets starting from $15.99 and party pack for 10 at $289 as well. Christmas of course, cannot come without the festive favourites. For that, they have a wide selection of sides that you can choose from, including whole turkey, ham and log cakes.


There is no need to crack your brains over this. What better entertainment for Christmas than singing karaoke carols and taking selfies! Prior to the party, get everyone to also dress up and bring a gift for exchange. It is bound to bring laughter and anticipation.

Just keep it simple. After all, you do not need much else with good food and company.

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