Singapore among world’s digital elites

The Digital Evolution Index ranks Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan in the top 10 countries.

In a world where half the human population is on the internet, Singapore has come out tops in digital growth and technology adoption.

According to the Digital Evolution Index 2017, recently published by the Fletcher School at Tufts University in partnership with Mastercard, “digital elites” such as Singapore have demonstrated significant digital evolution and innovation over the last eight years.

The ranking mapped out the digital economic progress of 60 countries over four indicators: internet access and infrastructure (supply), consumer demand for technologies, government policies and resources, and investments into digital R&D and startups (innovation).

Hong Kong and South Korea joined Singapore on the list of top ten digital economies. Momentum for digital innovation and adoption is also high in China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, which are poised to break out as advanced digital economies.

However, the report indicated that fellow Asian nations such as South Korea and Pakistan, might need to actively encourage innovation and digital growth, or risk falling behind in the global marketplace.

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