Singapore's 10 best tech companies to work for are...

These companies stood out for their innovative workplace cultures and people management policies.

Carousell, Razer, Redhat and Titansoft were the big winners at this year’s Best Singapore Tech Company to Work for Award.

Organised by the Singapore Computer Society and held in conjunction with the Tech3 Forum, the four companies were recognised for their implementation and demonstration of innovative practices and workplace excellence in the Singapore infocomm and digital media industry.

Carousell scored top marks in the start-up category, Titansoft was awarded the best mid-sized/ SME accolade, while Razer and Redhat both tied in first place in the large corporation/ MNC category.

“Without the team, we won’t be here today,” said Carousell co-founder Marcus Tan during his acceptance speech. “A special mention goes to the people team; they find the right people, keep them motivated and give them an environment where people can serve and improve the communities.”

Gaming hardware company Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, said in a video package that everyone adheres to three core values at the organisation, including “playing hard and playing fair”.

“Our focus is not only on finding the best industry talent, but also in making sure this is a great place to work for employees to do truly good things,” said Tan.

In addition to the four big winners, six other companies also made 2017’s overall list. These companies stood out from the other nominees for their outstanding performance on five criteria: Inspiring people culture, spirit of innovation, financial sustainability, people management and human resource policy.

The 10 best tech companies to work for in Singapore are:

  • Accenture
  • Carousell (overall winner for start-up category)
  • EON Reality
  • IBM
  • Razer (overall winner for large/MNCs category)
  • Red Hat (overall winner for large/MNCs category)
  • ST Electronics Info-Comm Systems
  • Tableau
  • Tinkerbox
  • Titansoft (overall winner for mid-sized/SMEs category)

Tinkerbox, for example, was recognised for its commitment to hiring and developing mid-careerists with no coding skills to become software engineers, while EON Reality's monthly knowledge sharing sessions between managers and team members set it apart.

Guest-of-honour Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say shared during his speech that Singapore technology companies are ahead of the curve in driving innovation for both employees and markets.

“Infocomm offers good employment, now and into the future, here and globally,” said Lim, adding that employment growth in the sector has been healthy at 4.1% per annum from 2011-2016, above the 2.6% mark across all other sectors.

He also praised each of the 10 best tech companies for providing inclusive opportunities to Singaporeans, and valuing talent based on their skills, helping to drive industry growth.

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