Singapore's labour outlook: The challenges ahead

Singapore's movement into a knowledge-based, high-productivity economy, coupled with an ageing population and low birth rates, has raised many questions about the future of its labour force. In this May Day special story, HRM examines the key workforce issues that will impact HR's talent agenda
Small gestures; Big impacts
Kelvin Ong - 03 Nov 2016
Monetary rewards are always nice to receive, but they can also feel impersonal. HRM Asia discovers why sincerity, and not cash, is becoming the highest form of flattery to employees
Getting into the act
Sham Majid - 19 Oct 2016
As demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills continues to rise, organisations are pushing through with new strategies to cultivate a dynamic and work-ready community.
Three new ways of work to engage today’s employee
HRM Asia - 22 May 2015
How do employers manage, attract and retain talent in an evolving employment landscape, shorter business cycle and increasing 24/7 workplace environment?
The “incentive” and stick approach
Sham Majid - 28 Nov 2014
Rethinking pension plan
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 27 Nov 2014
Singapore has recently been placed among the top ten pension systems in the world. HRM explores how companies can further restructure compensation packages to include a viable corporate pension plan.
Embedding a culture of health
HRM Asia - 05 Nov 2014
Glenn Riseley, founder and president of the Global Corporate Challenge shares why a culture of health has to start from the ground-up