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In the past, only multinational organisations adopted web-based solutions. But in today's challenging business environment, many common applications are also moving online. Rene Wong, Sales and Marketing Manager, Times Software, explains why

Office productivity suites, such as Payroll and HR information system (HRIS) solutions, are now moving away from the traditional client-server models that have been around for many years. Instead, they are frequently becoming web-based solutions.

The reason is simple: a streamlined Web-based Payroll or HRIS software system helps to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability. That’s because management can be stationed at the local level but looking and using global information at just the click of a mouse.

Those organisations looking for ways to reduce business expenses should consider moving these office productivity suites to a much more interactive web-based solution. It’s a great way to cut costs without cutting effectiveness. You only need a single enterprise Payroll and HRIS solution for all of your global needs, instead of each country keeping a separate copy of their Payroll & HRIS software.


Clear advantages

Creates clarity. In order to streamline your processes and costs, you must have clarity on the current organisation, HRIS manpower, reimbursement and the status of other miscellaneous costs. With information available just a few clicks through a web-based solution, you can achieve your goal and manage these operational costs clearly and effectively.

Being transparent is also very important to enable you to communicate with your local and overseas employees effectively. You are able to know immediately if your staff are off track (for example, if they have overtaken their annual leave allocation, are delayed in a specific project, have over claimed reimbursements, or are habitually late or absent) rather than wait until the next management meeting. Being able to retrieve the status of projects, manpower and or costings online can be crucial to the organisation. A web-based solution therefore helps to keep projects on time, on budget and in line with business objectives.

Centralise your information resources. Keeping all records in a single web solution environment is an essential element of streamlining operational costs. Small multinational companies are now running their businesses with separate “identity” or “location” options. Connecting the different identity or location enables the organisation to create the efficiency to ensure everybody gets the job done at any given budget and timeline.

Work Collaboration. Increasing staff collaboration, capabilities and ease of access will reduce the time needed for much HRIS work, which translates directly into cost savings. By understanding who is exactly in each team at each location or office, and what are the standard documents being used, this will increase the efficiency and result in success of the organisation.

Maintain visibility. Management and staff need to have visibility on what’s important for them in order to make appropriate decisions faster. Staff in various location, receiving alerts immediately, are able to respond effectively to task priorities, keep updated information and maintain overall operational costs.


What to look for

Key factors to look into when investing in a Payroll & HRIS system.

Select an integrated Payroll & HRIS Solution that supports organisation processes including recruitment, daily attendance, benefits, appraisals, staff training and generating costing reports.

Choose a system that is easy to use, robust and scalable.

Select a vendor with experience in implementing and support software across different entities and flexible in handling customisation.


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