A strong push towards psychological wellbeing

As part of our in-depth feature on mental wellbeing in the workforce, we share some insights that emerged from our recent Health and Wellness Congress this year.

Emotional and mental health was a recurring theme at HRM Asia’s Health and Wellness Congress in May earlier this year.

Speakers from global organisations like Honeywell, Deutsche Bank, Seagate, Grundfos, and SAP all agreed that while physical wellness would always remain a key HR priority, the increasingly stressful workplace of today has resulted in a shift in focus towards psychological wellbeing.

Eudora Choo, Vice President for Benefits Governance at Deutsche Bank, said, high stress levels and inadequate sleep were the two health issues seen most frequently at the organisation.

“In Asia, people tend to see emotional wellness and help as taboo. So what we try to do is see where we can help them and provide support,” she said.

One of the ways Deutsche Bank is doing this is through a regular mental health questionnaire in which employees are assessed based on psychometric indicators. This way, the company can help employees get to the root of the problem.

The bank has also introduced “Wellbeing Leave”. These leave days are not recorded, and employees can take time off to spend time with their family or simply relax. This helps ensure a healthy mental state over the long run.

This story was part of the broader article on mental health in the workforce, titled The Working Blues. Click here to read the article.

In the third part of our employee mental-health feature, HRM Magazine shares some tips on cultivating an engaged and productive workforce.


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