Supporting employees during disruption

Cecilia Ng, Head, Group HR, YCH Group, shares how her team has enabled the business to stay ahead of the game.

The author

Cecilia Ng

Head, Group HR

YCH Group

Throughout the transformational journey of YCH Group – from a home-grown passenger transport company to the logistics and supply chain industry leader that we are today – technology and human capital have been the key enablers which not only grew and expanded our businesses, but also kept our employees ahead of the game.

As the logistics industry still remains labour-intensive, YCH took the bold step to become an early adopter of innovative technology to manage the complexities of its business. This ensured that employees have not been made redundant but are instead empowered by technology.

An example of this is the Supply Chain City, a two million square-foot facility with more than 5,000 employees, serving as Asia’s supply chain nerve centre in Singapore. In the facility, technology is used to help reduce inefficiencies and support employees in their roles.  Robotics such as Automated Guided Vehicles perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and drones enhance operational excellence by tracking assets, monitoring risk hotspots, and locating missing cargo.

While technology has boosted productivity, employees need to be trained and prepared to leverage it. This is where HR plays a key role. YCH is strongly committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential by offering on-the-job structured programmes, including the TalentRISE and WINGS initiatives. The company also provides career growth pathways such as the Leadership Development Initiative.

YCH has also adopted and implemented several SkillsFuture initiatives, and is partnering The Supply Chain & Logistics Academy – an industry academy housed within Supply Chain City that leverages experiential workplace learning. This will help professionals, managers, and executives to gain relevant knowledge and pick up new skills.

Providing a positive work environment to cultivate, maximise, and realise employee potential is strongly founded on YCH core values and is key to helping the business navigate the complexities of today’s economy. Whether it is technological disruption or any other trends, HR plays a key role in helping bridge the divide and empower employees for business growth and sustainability.

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