Talent retention

What is your organisation's main tactic for keeping top performers?

Atul Khosla
VP Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Mondel?z International
In the face of tremendous growth in this region, any organisation’s ability to attract and retain top talent is defined not by what you have to offer, but rather what great talent can co-create with you. Organisations which provide a broader growth experience with the right environment for top talent to flourish will eventually be the ones who will be successful in retaining them.

Our “belief” – power of big and small – accurately describes our company. We are a global powerhouse with the nimbleness and agility of a start-up company. We have global brands which people love and trust. Our holistic focus on building the right capacity, capability and culture are the core critical elements of our talent acquisition and retention strategy. We are providing holistic experiences, tremendous growth opportunities and a chance to be part of a $35 billion ‘start up’.

We are focused on creating the right space for top talent through our sustained focus on building capacity and defining roles to engage the right talent. We provide them with global career opportunities, and create a work place that brings to life the “power of big, and small.”

In line with our values and “belief”, our organisation structures and roles are designed to provide end-to-end experiences and complete ownership of their roles. This breeds strong individual development that creates leaders who are empowered to take bold actions. Our belief of the “power of big. and small” is what enables us to connect deep with our associates and build a stronger connection with Mondelz International.
Kelly Ho
Director of Human Resources, The Westin Singapore
As part of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, The Westin Singapore has programmes dedicated to recognising outstanding employees, developing talent to be ready for the next stages of their careers, and encouraging top performers to continue their journey with us.

The Starwood Cares Recognition Programme is designed to provide timely recognition to employees who have demonstrated exceptional behaviours and Starwood Values towards guests and the community.

We also run the Starwood Careers Programme, a holistic and integrated talent development system designed to proactively train and develop new skills. In particular, the Starwood Careers Executive Track has successfully developed high potential internal managers to become high-calibre leaders.

Our success stories include employees such as Zulkiflee Januar, Director of Food & Beverage (F&B). He received a transfer opportunity to China for international exposure and was trained to manage the F&B team under his wing. Under the Starwood Careers Programme, he returned to Singapore to open The Westin Singapore.

Another star player is Sushil Sharma, Hotel Manager, who moved from the US to India, and is now in Singapore, having completed the General Manager Track recently.

Providing these programmes and career opportunities has motivated and retained our top performers, while also inspiring other associates to achieve their best.
Mark Larsen
Head of HR, ASEAN-Pacific, Philips Electronics Singapore
It all starts with identifying your top performers based on clear targets and criteria for performance. In Philips we use a nine-box grid to evaluate and calibrate employees on the ‘what’ (results) and the ‘how’ (behaviour) and they are equally important in driving results and building a high performance culture. We force ourselves to differentiate and not only identify poor, but even more importantly our top performers in the upper right corner of the grid. In a separate talent review discussion we assess the potential of a person based on ‘performance over time’, ‘ability to learn’ and ‘aspiration’.

Top performers with strong leadership potential have a high flight risk, as they are in high demand by the market and at the same time they often hold a critical position in the organisation. The Philips retention strategy focuses on three elements— career development, remuneration and engagement.

First question is: Do we have a clear career plan in place and did the manager have this conversation with the employee? Secondly we have to make sure that the remuneration benefits and incentives are not becoming a ‘push factor’, the company is market competitive and the individual is rewarded fairly. In addition we apply retention bonuses that keep employees committed over a longer period. Lastly we have to make sure that engagement is managed via the direct manager and skip-level meetings. The role of the manager is extremely important and usually a key differentiator!

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