United Airlines holds off on lottery bonus

United Airlines is “pressing the pause button” on a rewards system that would have disbursed bonuses via lottery.

US carrier United Airlines has suspended plans to implement a lottery bonus system.

United Airlines President Scott Kirby had reportedly sent out a company memo last week announcing that the company would be dropping its quarterly performance bonuses.

According to the Chicago Business Journal, which first broke the news, a lottery bonus system called “core4 Score Rewards” would instead be put in place.

Under the proposed system, employees would stand a chance to win prizes such as luxury cars, vacation packages, or the grand prize of US$100,000. However, only up to 1,361 employees will receive these prizes, leaving the rest of the 88,000-strong workforce empty-handed.

As reported by Inc, Employees were quick to voice their disquiet over the lottery on the company’s internal communication system and private Facebook page.

“This is a horrible idea. Completely against what the word United means. It is obviously a method of cutting costs, but to come at the expense of employee morale is a wondrous thing to behold. It is beyond interesting to see you try to spin a fraction of a percent chance at winning anything as better than an actual quarterly bonus for our performance as a company,” said one employee.  

 Following the backlash, United Airlines has decided to shelve the new system – for now.

In another note to employees, Kirby wrote: "Our intention was to introduce a better, more exciting program, but we misjudged how these changes would be received by many of you.”

Instead, the airline will be reaching out to employee work groups to make changes that “better reflect [employee] feedback”. 

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