Welcome to “grandparenthood”

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has introduced a new three-day "Grandparenthood Leave" for employees who have become new grandparents.

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has unveiled a new three-day "Grandparenthood Leave" for staff who have become new grandparents.

This scheme kicked off on April 1 and is open to all Hong Kong-based employees. The company says all that is needed is a family photo of the three generations together. 

"At HKBN, our ethos is that life takes priority over work, which is why we uphold 'LIFE-work priority' rather than 'work-life balance'. We believe when our talent is empowered with higher flexibility to pursue purposeful personal and family lives, they come to work far more motivated resulting in far increased efficiency and productivity,” said CY Chan, Associate Director of Talent Management and Organisation Development.

“Our aim is for more companies to adopt similar measures to care for their talent, and join HKBN to 'Make our Hong Kong a better place to live',”

In recent years, HKBN has also unveiled a range of work-life-balance policies that have shortened employment hours, such as reduced nine-to-five work days, half-days-off on important festive occasions, and monthly half-days of on Fridays.

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