What were your greatest achievements as a leader in 2017?

Expedia Southeast Asia's chief shares how he has been successful at creating a uniquely "Expedian" culture.

Simon Fiquet

General Manager,

Southeast Asia and India, Expedia

My greatest achievement at work is also one of the most rewarding parts of my job at Expedia  – which is bringing people from diverse backgrounds and with various experiences to collectively embrace and celebrate this corporate culture.

At Expedia, we have six cultural norms that are deeply ingrained into our DNA: being different; leading humbly; being transparent; being organised for speed; believing in the scientific method; and acting as one team. These are also the principles that I truly believe in, and that have guided me throughout my career as well.

Last year, we brought in many new people to the team, and it was fabulous to see how they have adopted those cultural norms and made them their own. Through the onboarding process and by working closely with their peers, our recruits became “Expedians” in mind and spirit in no time.

We also helped part of our marketing team to embrace a new way of doing things. With a culture of transparency, scientific exigence and team mentality, this has allowed us to drive through change with much greater speed and adhesion.  

Finally, we believe in empowering people and decentralising decision-making. I take great joy in observing team members that have joined the company recently, making important decisions for the company on their own. This truly enables us to move faster, while growing our talents at the same time by giving them ownership and responsibility.

Of course, this also requires a strong company culture, and our core culture of being different is all about valuing our employees and trusting them to do the right thing for the company. At the end of the day, we all have a single vision in mind – to grow the Expedia brand in the region to help people go places. Being able to work with them and achieve our vision together has been a truly gratifying achievement in the past year.

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