Why every HR leader needs to know about finance

While every business leader will have their own speciality, it pays to have a working understanding of other functions in the organisation. James Leong, Founder and CEO of Visions.One Consulting, says this is particularly important for HR leaders – who need a solid understanding of finance in order to make an impact
Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?
Content Approver - 21 Nov 2016
Small gestures; Big impacts
Kelvin Ong - 03 Nov 2016
Monetary rewards are always nice to receive, but they can also feel impersonal. HRM Asia discovers why sincerity, and not cash, is becoming the highest form of flattery to employees
Informed advisors
Kelvin Ong - 20 Oct 2016
The best HR leaders have the ability and buy-in to drive effective organisational strategies. HR veterans share how as team leaders, they are keeping HR at the strategic table by being knowledgeable aides to the business.
Getting into the act
Sham Majid - 19 Oct 2016
As demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills continues to rise, organisations are pushing through with new strategies to cultivate a dynamic and work-ready community.
Concorde Security: Spearheading industry change
Fiona Lam - 02 Sep 2016
With its suite of innovations, Concorde Security is transforming security jobs, re-inventing itself, and shaking up an entire industry.
Strategic shapeshifters
Kelvin Ong - 31 Aug 2016
Across Asia-Pacific, many HR departments are expanding their scope beyond administrative tasks. HRM Asia examines how and why the talent management function is experiencing a metamorphosis.