Workforce plans and goals for 2018

Julian Hosp Co-founder and President of TenX, tells us about his workplace goals and plans for 2018.

In our February edition of LEADERS ON LEADERSHIP, Julian Hosp Co-founder and President of TenX, talks about his workplace goals and plans for 2018:

At TenX we attempt things that no other company has done before us. Whether it is making cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere, or allowing people to get those cryptocurrencies with a click of a button on our app. Whenever I get asked what is the largest hurdle to overcome to make all these things a reality, only one answer comes to my mind: Finding the right people.

This automatically leads to the following conclusion: We can achieve anything we want, as long as we have the right people on our team. And therefore, we have to set our lofty goals while having realistic recruiting in mind.

Instead of just asking “Is it realistic to have one million cards live by the end of 2018?”, we learned to ask “Who do we need to have one million cards live by the end of 2018, and is it realistic that we can find the A-players needed?”.

This change of focus from merely asking “What do we want to achieve” to “Who do we need to achieve that”, was the biggest lesson I learned in 2017.

As we enter 2018, our team now consists of close to 50 people. One third of them are developers, another third are graphic, design, and product people, and the last third is split between finance, compliance, legal, customer support, recruiting, and marketing and communications.

So far, we have done pretty much no active marketing at all – it was all organic. In order to achieve our three main goals in 2018 of having: one million cards live; allowing users to get cryptocurrencies with the click of a button; and integrating the backend system COMIT, we will need to have around 200 people by the end of this year.

Knowing how to get to our goals as an organisation is very important and for us at TenX, having great hires has been shown to be the key for that.