Diversity & Inclusion

Sham Majid - 29 Aug 2014
Is your workforce truly diverse? HRM explores both the challenges and opportunities faced by the local LGBT community, and how some companies are striving to create more inclusive workplaces
HRM Asia - 21 Aug 2014
If workforce diversity is the inevitable, why not make it work to your advantage? A Mateen, VP of HR, DHL Express, Singapore, Southeast Asia and South Asia shares DHL's secrets in unlocking the power of a diverse workforce
HRM Asia - 08 May 2014
Just 8.3% of board positions in Singapore businesses are held by women. HRM explores what's holding women back from the top levels
Sham Majid - 23 Apr 2014
Singapore has made significant inroads regarding the employment of People with Disabilities (PWDs). Nevertheless, more can be done, as PWDs strive for meaningful job opportunities in Singapore
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 23 Jan 2014
Gender blind spots are one of the main causes of workplace conflict. In this exclusive Q&A, bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and STJobs HR Summit Speaker John Gray shares how a better understanding of the innate differences between both genders can lead to greater business success
HRM Asia - 30 Jul 2013
For a diversity and inclusion ecosystem to flourish, every employee must realise it starts from within, says Josh Goh, Assistant Director, Corporate Services, The GMP Group

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