Artist's impression of the new GSK headquarters, due to be completed in mid-2017

Form meets function

Driven by changing organisational styles and priorities, the modern workplace of today features more communal spaces and flexible work stations than ever before. HRM Asia gains access to some of the most contemporary offices in the region.
Sham Majid - 15 Jul 2014
Flexible working options in Singapore have been given a further boost, with the introduction of Smart Work Centres (SWCs). HRM delves into the SWC phenomenon
HRM Asia - 25 Mar 2014
Asia's temporary workforce is growing and here Ash Russell, Senior Business Director of recruiting experts Hays in Singapore, explains the soaring popularity of temporary assignments
HRM Asia - 25 Feb 2014
Employed residents in Singapore clocked 45.6 hours per week on average last year, a small decrease from the 47.4 hours per week worked ten years ago. Does this mean part-time and other forms of flexi-work schemes are gaining traction here?
HRM Asia - 02 Jan 2014
Commuters who travel into the city area's 16 stations before the pre-peak period have been enjoying free train rides since June this year. The one-year trial is aimed at helping manage congestion during morning peak hours. HRM discusses how more organisations can provide flexibility for staff
HRM Asia - 28 Dec 2011
Though experts are encouraging companies to offer flexible work options such as part-time work or telecommuting, the idea has yet to take hold with many of the companies in Singapore
Priya de Langen - 21 Dec 2011
An increasing number of companies are offering flexible working options to their employees. HRM looks into the benefits of these arrangements and what organisations can do to manage their employees who are always on the move

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