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While employees are counting down the niggling hours left at work, staff at Ministry of Design saunter from their office at 3:30pm every Friday to kickstart their weekends early. However, as HRM Asia finds out, the work ethic at the architectural firm is anything but relaxed.
HRM Asia - 05 Aug 2013
The best organisations recognise that work is only one part of employees' lives, and that a healthy balance between work and play is required for optimal at-work performance. HRM finds out what some workplaces are doing to help their staff switch off
HRM Asia - 21 Jan 2013
Dr Adam Fraser introduces a new concept that may just assist in that elusive search for harmony in work and home life: transitions
HRM Asia - 31 Dec 2012
A recent survey revealed that the majority of workers in Singapore have poor work- life balance. HRM finds out why this matters and what role HR plays in maintaining work-life harmony
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 14 Nov 2012
The provision of mandatory paternity leave has become a hotly debated topic in Singapore as the city-state attempts to reverse its declining birth rate. While interest groups have been lobbying for it, employers have raised concerns. HRM investigates
HRM Asia - 29 Oct 2012
If you feel that your work-life balance needs some fine tuning, the following are some strategies you can implement for a more balanced life, according to Tara Mitchell, Training Consultant, Professional Development Centre, British Council
HRM Asia - 30 Mar 2012
Is being connected 24/7 helping with or getting in the way of work-life harmony? Josh Goh, Assistant Director, Corporate Services, The GMP Group discusses this pertinent issue.

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