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2016-10-13 11:30 to 2017-04-11 11:30
AH-HA! Events Academy
Get insights into an industry that is both challenging and equally rewarding from highly respected individuals with years of experience. The Effective Event Management program is perfect for individuals and businesses that plan small to medium scale events, as well as, learners interested to explore their career options in this exciting business. Attain the necessary skill, knowledge and contacts to get the most leverage out of your event and achieve your objectives effectively. This is the best opportunity to learn from the champions of the industry with decades of success in the business. Learn valuable insider tips and gain contacts that will help you get a bigger bang for the buck.
2016-10-22 11:30 to 2017-04-20 11:30
AH-HA! Events Academy
Welcome to a new experience of performance and music. In this age of millionaire celebrity DJ’s, the art has never been more glamorous and desired. Take your first steps into this experience and you could be the next big thing in the DJ universe. Understand the equipment and master the core disciplines in this comprehensive introduction into the world of DJ-ing. This program is more akin to an apprenticeship rather than just another training course, all our instructors are respected professionals with decades of experience in the industry, and they will guide and mentor you in your musical journey, This is your ticket into the close-knit DJ community in Singapore. Outline •Introduction to Dj-ing (What so DJs do) •DJ Gear/Hardware •Basic Music Structure/Arrangement •Bear-Matching/Mix Techniques •Basic Presentation Skills •Performance Preparation
2016-10-31 11:30 to 2017-04-29 11:30
AH-HA! Events Academy
Public speaking! Presenting to an audience! Some fear it more than death! Conquer one of life’s most commonly feared responsibilities with practical and easy to follow instructions and personal tips to prepare and inspire confidence in you. Setting the stage for effective presentation preparation and delivery, Cyril Lim will share his personal experiences as an international professional Emcee with more than two decades of stage experience to help you connect with your audience and effectively get your point across with style. What sets Cyril apart is his versatility, he can effectively read the audience and adapt to the situation accordingly, from formal to slapstick whacky, he consistently finds the edge to wow any audiences put in front of him. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best, conquer your fears and you too can learn to deliver power pack presentations…Power Up! Your presentations today!

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