Lunch, Learn and Bond with your teams, all within 1 hour! Choose from a variety of light-hearted, interesting or thought-provoking topics that appeal to most, if not all.
- Minimal disruption from work due to long training hours
- Improve organisational effectiveness, employee engagement and satisfaction
- A cost effective way to build a continuous learning culture within an organization
A monthly business incubator where leaders grow their skills, exchange ideas and share best practices.
- Addresses 10 critical core competencies of a managerial leader
- Optimise learning - half day monthly workshops over 12 months
- Performance monitoring, Return on Investment (R.O.I.) review & followup coaching
Custom built leadership programs for your organization
- Leadership Programs directly targeted at your organization's needs
- Incorporating Best-in-Class Leadership Content
- Delivered by the best Leadership Development faciltators
The Certified Mental Toughness Coaches are fully trained to psychologically profile and give feedback to their clients or coachees using the Mental Toughness Profile™ and accompanying Mental Toughness Team Report™ and coach them to utilize evidence-based, proven mental toughness strategies to be more resilient and able to peak perform under pressure.
- Targets the key motivational, behaviour, and performance challenges that most performers face
- Utilizes applied evidence-based methods that work in the real world
- Adopts a competency-based assessment approach through the use of case studies, role plays and practical assignments
Researched in UK, Jigsaw@work is a unique, innovative, activity-based behaviour profiling tool which looks at both self and others. Delegates discover their personal Behavioural Style which develops a deeper understanding of the many skills necessary for the effective productivity of individuals and teams.
- Immediate and visible behaviour awareness.
- An appreciation of individual differences.
- Successfully applied at all levels within organisations all over the world.
This SharePoint 2013 Power User training class is designed for individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites.
This SharePoint 2013 End User class is for end users working in a SharePoint 2013 environment. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries as well as basic page customizations.
This 3-day Instructor Lead course Explore all the new end user features exposed in SharePoint 2013.
This course introduces the student in automating and customizing the different processes in Excel through VBA coding.
In this course, the participant will learn how to set up web sites for sharing of information with others, managing documents from start to finish as well as publishing reports that help make better decisions using Microsoft SharePoint 2010.