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Wide ranging topics, an excellent learning and development platform to reach out to many employees across all levels.

Team-bonding … Learn together … Lunch together!

Organise a fun-filled Lunch & Learn session with us.  We conduct 1-hour lunch time (or breakfast, tea time or any convenient time) talk in your office. The group size is limited only by the size of your conference / training room.

Select from our list of topics …. Communication, Team Development, Productivity, Personal Mastery, Healthy Living & 2-hour Essentials.


1. Get that Point Across! Be Better Understood with Effective NLP Tools

2. Cross Cultural Communication

3. The Art of Influence: Getting What You Want – the SMART Way

4. Why are You STARING at Me? Knowing Your Body Language and How It Can Affect Your Success



1. Living with Change, Embracing Change! Understanding and Overcoming Resistance to Chang

2. Building Big Picture Thinking Capability: Creating new Possibilities to Win in the Changing Business Landscape through Play and Fun (Up to 25 participants)

3. Building Self-confidence in Staff and Employees

4. Pressing the Right Buttons: How to Motivate Staff and Employees



1. We have to STOP meeting like this: Conducting Meetings Colleagues Love Attending

2. Create an Extra Hour Every Day! Getting More out of Life – Time Management Tips that Work

3. Why Smart People Under Perform: Understanding how your Sleep Cycle Affects Your Performance

4. Understanding Cancer

5. Why Smart People Under Perform: Making your Hormones Work for You!

6. Work-Life Harmony

7. Peak Performance for the Busy Executive: Strategies for Thriving and Succeeding Under Pressure

8. Simple Ways to Avoid Back and Neck Pain at Work!

9. Stop Worrying and Start Living: Take that Stress off Immediately - In a Clean and Healthy Way



1. Be Consciously Awake and Aware - Enhance your Mindfulness with Aikido (Up to 25 participants)

2. Building your Personal Vision: Be Inspired with Your Own Purpose to Win in the Changing Business Landscape through Play and Fun (Up to 25 participants)

3. Presenting from the Heart: Get Rid of the Butterflies in Your Stomach before Speaking in front of a Crowd

4. Going the Extra Mile – How do you Ignite Your Passion and Motivate Yourself when the going gets Tough?

5. Overcoming Obstacles – Navigate Your Way through Adversities

6. Adversity Quotient and Mental Resilience

7. Positive Psychology: How to be a Positive Person

8. Anger Management

9. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

10. How to help your Child Succeed

11. Parenting Teenagers: Establishing Loving Boundaries

12. Interacting with Customers Intelligently 

13. Service Excellence: What Do Your Customers Expect from You?

14. Providing Effective Support: Counselling Skills 101

15. Manage Relationships with Difficult People

16. Keys to Happiness




1. Anxiety Disorder

2. Chronic Diseases – So What If I Have Them?

3. 1-hour Workshop: Exercise for the Busy Executive

4. Get Stronger, Lose Fat and Build Muscle- Strength Training for Busy Executives

5. Roll your pain away! - Eliminate Chronic Pain and Tightness

6. 1-hour Chair Yoga session

7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

8. Eat well, Live Well

9. Lose to Win

10. Diet and osteoporosis

11.Eating for better energy boost and performance at work

12. Healthy lifestyle and disease prevention

13. Food and Mood

14. Hypertension and diet prevention

15. Glycaemic index talk

16. Metabolic Syndrome

17. Detox versus healthy and clean diet

18. Super food

19. Say YES to Whole Grains!

20. Say YES to Heart-Smart Eating

21. Say NO to added Sugars

22. Healthy Aging with Good nutrition

23. Nutrition & Eye Health

24. Boost Your Immune System Naturally

25. Pre-diabetes: What Should You Know & Do

26. Combating High Blood Pressure with the DASH Eating Plan + Less Sodium



1. Effective Business Writing for Results

2. The Magical Language of Colors

3. Get that Point Across! Be Better Understood with Effective NLP Tools

4. 5-Step S.P.O.R.T Coaching Model for Empowering Staff & Employees

5. Peak Performance Under Stress: Lessons from Word-class Olympic Athletes Essential Financial Knowledge for Managers

6. Why We do not See Eye to Eye - Understand how Our Inner Self Impact Our Communications

7. Managing Diversities: Turning Differences into Strength for Managers and Supervisors

8. Driving Progress with Innovation

9. Presentable to Powerful - Quick Strategies on Making Memorable Presentations

10. Build a Championship Team: Creating a Team Learning Culture to Win in the Changing Business Landscape through Play and Fun (Up to 25 participants)

11. Simplifying Service - Different Levels of Customer Service: Building Rapport, How to Handle Difficult / Angry Customer

12. 2.5hr Workshop Managing Diversities: Turning Differences into Strength for Managers and Supervisors (up to 25 participants)

13. 2.5hr Workshop Managing Workplace Stress: Intervention Techniques for Managers & Supervisors (up to 25 participants)

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