Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA Programming

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This course introduces the student in automating and customizing the different processes in Excel through VBA coding. It uses the various Excel Objects Models to manipulate and control the applications, worksheets and ranges. Furthermore, the students will be exposed to the different programming constructs and techniques in handling data from the worksheet.

The trainee will also learn how to use Events in Excel, VBA Arrays, and creating useful data forms.



·         Module 1. Introduction To Macros

·         Module 2. VBA Environment

·         Module 3. Working With Objects

·         Module 4. Variables And Data Types

·         Module 5. Operators and Decision Making

·         Module 6. Loops

·         Module 7. Subroutines and Functions

·         Module 8. Arrays

·         Module 9. Custom Forms Dialogs and Events

·         Module 10. Debugging and Error Handling



Complete the Microsoft Excel Advanced Course.