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As organisations are subjected to tougher manpower and employment laws in Singapore, HR departments are having to quickly get to grips with more complex and technical compliance issues, as HRM finds out.
HRM Asia - 30 Aug 2012
The criteria for work pass holders wishing to bring in their dependants have been tightened
HRM Asia - 21 Jun 2012
Experts argue that artificially raising wages of low-income workers in the short-term would be counterproductive if it is not in tandem with productivity gains
HRM Asia - 28 May 2012
The soon-to-be reviewed Employment Act will look into more worker protection and be updated to be relevant to the changing labour landscape
HRM Asia - 15 Sep 2011
It is becoming more challenging for foreigners to enter Singapore due to changes in requirements for Employment Passes
HRM Asia - 29 Mar 2011
How 'mobility friendly' are Australia's migration policies, and why is it important that businesses stay on top of changing legislation and government direction? HRM looks at the importance of immigration education and awareness
HRM Asia - 11 May 2010
Singapore's PM has announced that the employer's portion of pension contributions will increase by one percentage point by March next year. Meanwhile, employers are asking if this is the right time for changes

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