Cloud Computing

Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 06 Nov 2012
Smaller companies typically avoid purchasing HR software due to the high costs involved. However, an increasing number of HR solutions are now available on a pay-per-use basis via cloud applications, enabling more organisations to reap the benefits
HRM Asia - 07 Sep 2012
Bringing your own device (BYOD) to work is an ongoing trend across the world. CK Lee, country manager, Kroll Ontrack Singapore shares how companies can ride this new technological wave
Priya de Langen - 08 Aug 2012
Technology has made it easier to manage human capital and HR has a host of software to choose- from applicant tracking systems to payroll solutions. Experts tell HRM that organisations want solutions that save costs and help streamline processes
HRM Asia - 08 Jun 2012
Smart investments in HR technology can lead to long-term cost savings and productivity improvements, writes Matt Allanson, Sales Director, HiringBoss
HRM Asia - 25 Aug 2010
Advocates of on-demand HR technology - sometimes known as cloud computing - are locked in debate with those believing in on-premises software

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