The art of social recruiting

Shyaam Sunder K, Vice President – HCM Solution, Ramco Systems, shares the advantages of social recruiting processes.
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 28 Aug 2013
From providing access to higher quality talent and building brand awareness to encouraging basic conversations about the company and its products and services, social media in recruitment is something HR can no longer afford to ignore. HRM discusses
HRM Asia - 01 Feb 2013
As mobile smartphone usage becomes more prevalent, it is becoming critical for hiring managers to look beyond traditional mass media to engage and attract fresh talent into the organisation, says Angeli Beltran, Managing Director of JobsDB (Singapore and Malaysia)
HRM Asia - 05 Jul 2011
New research by the ACHIEVE Group shows that more companies are utilising social networking sites to hire staff. Joshua Yim, founder and CEO of search and recruitment specialists the ACHIEVE Group tells you more
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 04 Apr 2011
Social media networks open up new channels for recruitment, allowing companies to reach out to previously untapped talent pools. But will it replace traditional forms of hiring? HRM investigates
HRM Asia - 15 Oct 2010
How useful is the internet as a recruitment tool?
HRM Asia - 15 Apr 2010
Now, more than ever, candidates and recruiters are meeting each other in the online space. HRM looks at the latest changes in AsiaÕs internet jobs market

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