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Rita Trehan, HR transformation consultant and the current Chief People Officer at Australian energy giant AGL Energy, said during her keynote speech at the 15th HR Summit & Expo Asia,

In this latest video teaser, we take a look at three stories from the upcoming March 2018 issue of HRM Magazine Asia

Among the many highlights: 

In the first episode of HR in Focus' 2018 season, HRM Magazine's Paul Howell is joined by:

In this episode of HRM Insights, Sharad Goyal, HR Director, Asia-Pacific, R/GA, shares his views on an array of topics, including: Remote workers, being present at work, and a CHRO’s main strategic

Momentum is a phrase used a lot, but often relegated to simply being a sensation.

This is not Steen Puggaard’s first time at the rodeo, at least in terms of fried chicken fast food chain 4Fingers.

Although Tata Consultancy Services is a well-known global brand and a big conglomerate, those elements are no longer appealing to the best minds in the business.

In June, OCBC Bank launched HR In Your Pocket, a mobile application powered with a chatbot function specifically to answer questions from employees. 

“Leaders and managers talk too much”.