Eyeing a bigger future: Should I Stay or should I Go (Back)?

A key part of Malaysia’s Vision 2020 is to encourage skilled expatriates to return home. In the second part of our Malaysian HR Country report, HRM Asia speaks to two Malaysian professionals with different views.
Priya de Langen - 18 Jun 2015
An efficient employee relocation process makes a world of difference, and it is crucial for HR managers to take charge of it. HRM looks at some factors to consider and tips to ensuring a smooth transition for employees
Sham Majid - 17 Mar 2015
Financial costs are just one of the many concerns organisations have when sending their employees on overseas work assignments. HRM illustrates a checklist of factors required for a smooth transition
HRM Asia - 17 Sep 2014
Asia Pacific is the leading region in the world for business travel, with relocation assignments being seen as a way to have the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. Craig Ryan, MD - APAC, Oakwood Worldwide, shares why organisations should consider a global mobility programme that addresses the challenges of today's Asian workforce
Sham Majid - 04 Sep 2014
As expatriate numbers grow around the world, many are ensuring their children also integrate themselves with the cultural norms and traditions of their host country. HRM explores how international schools are crafting all-rounded curriculum programmes for these students
Sham Majid - 30 Jun 2014
Overseas work attachments are now the norm in every organisation. However, thereÕs more to a successful overseas stint than just excellent performance in the host country

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