HR Summit and Expo Asia 2017: Adopting a startup mindset

One key theme of HR Summit and Expo 2017 will be the rise of the startup mindset in even large, established organisations

HRM Asia - 17 Mar 2017

Thomas Schellerer, HR Director, Pepperl+Fuchs, sits down with HRM Asia for a quick chat on his personal and professional life.

HRM Asia - 16 Mar 2017

The second annual Inter-Tertiary HR Symposium was held in Singapore on March 4

HRM Asia - 16 Mar 2017

However, organisations must demonstrate their commitment towards cultivating a more manpower-lean business model, said Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say.

HRM Asia - 15 Mar 2017

Resident unemployment rate crept up to its highest since 2010, on the back of more redundancies and fewer job vacancies. 

HRM Asia - 15 Mar 2017

The Malaysian bank also introduced a new sabbatical leave policy, allowing workers to take career breaks of up to 24 months. 

HRM Asia - 15 Mar 2017

Foreign workers employed with Kay Lim Construction and Trading were living in rat-infested quarters.

HRM Asia - 14 Mar 2017

The automation of work has already begun, but according to a new whitepaper, not all employees have to be worried about losing their jobs to machines. 

Paul Howell - 14 Mar 2017

HR Summit and Expo Asia 2017 is proud to announce a raft a new, high-profile presentations have been added to the already exciting line-up.

HRM Asia - 14 Mar 2017

Every week, HRM Asia will profile one of the key speakers presenting at HR Summit & Expo 2017

HRM Asia - 14 Mar 2017

Meanwhile across Asia Pacific, recruitment plans will vary widely, ManpowerGroup's latest Employment Outlook survey found.

HRM Asia - 13 Mar 2017

A new annual report found that HR should lead organisations' digital efforts, but most Southeast Asia talent managers beg to differ. 

HRM Asia - 10 Mar 2017

HRM Asia highlights some of the latest promotions and job moves in the HR industry.

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