HRM Asia - 11 Oct 2017
New data privacy laws could move executive careers into the slow lane around the globe.
Kelvin Ong - 10 Oct 2017
Another 56 employers have been appointed as Human Capital Partners for their commitment to progressive HR practices.
Kelvin Ong - 09 Oct 2017
Hint: They care less about your skills, and more about the size of your ego.
Kelvin Ong - 09 Oct 2017
Over 250 companies have already signed up for a new tripartite standard focusing on flexible working arrangements.
HRM Asia - 08 Oct 2017
One of HR's key roles in the organisation is to make sure high levels of stress don't lead to employee burnout. But HR leaders may also need to manage stress themselves
HRM Asia - 06 Oct 2017
The goal of the overhaul is to help “grow revenue, re-base cost structure and enhance organisational effectiveness”.
HRM Asia - 06 Oct 2017
Since its launch, Community Day has contributed over 600,000 hours in assistance or the equivalent of 68 years.
Kelvin Ong - 04 Oct 2017
At least five senior government officials have allegedly pocketed over S$32.2 million in public welfare funds.
HRM Asia - 04 Oct 2017
Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore all reported sizeable drops in online hiring for HR roles in Q3 this year.
Kelvin Ong - 03 Oct 2017
Just how effective has the Singapore government's SkillsFuture movement been at alleviating the country's skills crunch?
HRM Asia - 03 Oct 2017
The inclusive policy also extends an equal amount of parental leave to a parent by natural birth or adoption.
Kelvin Ong - 03 Oct 2017
The company plans to hire 1,000 more employees for the sole purpose of reviewing the validity of sponsored posts.