Singapore professionals third most socially connected globally

Singapore professionals averaged 152 connections each on LinkedIn.

In the beginning of 2016, Heng Wui Liang, a former senior manager who spent over 10 years at Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, started exploring the possibility of a career switch.

He was given the option of joining a financial technology startup, but was uncertain of whether the startup environment would suit him, having come from a multinational background.

He started using professional social networking site LinkedIn to connect with other professionals to find out more about startup life. Those discussions convinced him to make the move.

Today, Heng is the Singapore head of financial marketplace

Like Heng, many Singapore workers are also well-connected on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, which they utilise frequently for their own career objectives.

In fact, LinkedIn revealed today (April 25) that Singapore is the third most connected country in the world, after United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands.

Singapore professionals averaged 152 connections each, slightly below the 211 and 188 recorded for UAE and The Netherlands.

In terms of market size, however, India remains LinkedIn’s largest in Asia Pacific, and second globally with more than 42 million members.

In Southeast Asia, the membership base has grown to more than 22 million members, up from 20 million last quarter – including Indonesia with more than eight million members.

Singapore, despite its population, has over one million members.

In terms of job functions, HR, due to its nature, was most connected globally, averaging 415 connections.

Product management and business development rounded up the top three with 324 and 288 average connections each.

Globally, LinkedIn also crossed the half-a-billion member mark. In Asia Pacific, In Asia Pacific, its membership base reached more than 118 million, says Olivier Legrand, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, LinkedIn.

“In Asia Pacific, our members are embracing the power of professional network in a big way – no matter whether they are from developing markets like India or Indonesia or developed markets such as Australia or Singapore,” says Legrand.

“This has never been more relevant in this part of the world. We are eager to see more members connect to career, business and partnership opportunities on LinkedIn.”


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