CPF Board investigates Singapore football clubs over player payments

Two football clubs claimed they did not pay CPF contributions on allowances given to their Prime League players because they were "unaware" these sums have to be declared. 

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board said it is investigating claims that local Singapore-League (S-League) football clubs have failed to pay CPF contributions to their Prime League footballers.

Prime League players belong to the reserve side of each S-League club, and are aged below 21.

"The CPF Board takes a serious view of employers who do not fulfil their CPF obligations to their employees,” a CPF Board spokesman told The Straits Times.

"Investigations are ongoing and CPF Board will not hesitate to take action against any football club that failed to make the requisite CPF contributions for their players."

At least one club has not paid contributions for up to five years, according to the report.

The general manager of one S-League club told The Straits Times: “The club was notified by the CPF Board in November and we duly paid up the shortfall in CPF contribution the following month."

He added that Prime League players state are paid up to S$300 in training allowances for covering their meal and transport costs, but the club was “unaware” it had to declare the amount to the CPF Board.

“However, the club respects the wishes of the board and we will follow their policy from now on," he said.

Another club manager said player allowances were not declared because the rules regarding CPF contributions “have not been clear”.

The Football Association of Singapore Provisional Council said it will provide the relevant assistance to the clubs concerned.

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