10 embarrassing (and sometimes funny) workplace accidents to avoid

We've all forgotten the name of a long-time co-worker once, or twice.

But when you’re the one with coffee all over your clothes, the joke’s on you.  

So when it comes to taking responsibility for our mishaps, we all like to blame it on something else other than ourselves.

In a recent survey by UK office furniture company Kit Out My Office, 39% of some 2,200 respondent claimed office layout was the main cause behind their embarrassing falls of shame.

Furthermore, men (80%) are more likely than women (77%) to blame someone else for their clumsiness.

Over 70% of women are actually able to take responsibility for their workplace troubles, compared to a much lower 44% of men.

“I travel to quite a few different offices as part of my role at Kit Out My Office, and I’ve heard of many funny stories of accidents in the office,” said Gareth Jones, Business Manager at Kit Out My Office.

He recalls one story about a customer service officer he sees regularly.  

“My usual contact normally greets me at reception, but on one occasion they didn’t as I was told they had hurt their back picking up a stapler,” he said.

“I honestly thought I was being made a fool of until I asked my contact, who confirmed the story and said he had to seek physiotherapy to make it better.”

On that slippery note, below are ten embarrassing office incidents that actually took place in real life, if reading about others’ misfortune is your kind of thing. 

  1. Singing in the pantry when you thought no one else was around
  2. Forgetting the name of your long-time co-worker
  3. Attacked by the office cat
  4. Falling over a wet floor sign
  5. Having your food erupt in the microwave
  6. The first aid box falling onto someone out of the cupboard
  7. Cutting an eye with a piece of paper
  8. Picking up a stapler and putting your back out
  9. Answering to the same name (repeatedly)
  10. Picking up the phone and introducing the wrong company
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