The art and science of employee engagement

Wipro Unza's Regional HR Director shares how the personal care company has gone beyond traditional engagement methods.


Maansi Gagroo Jain

Regional HR Director

Wipro Unza and LD Waxsons group of Companies

The first few months of the year have brought in some interesting perspectives on employee engagement and retention.

Employee experience is clearly the central theme for the coming years and all HR leaders will need to step up to redesign the tools which drive people agenda in their organisations.

With this new expectation, HR leaders now need to prioritise more than ever before to provide an integrated experience to employees and to think of employee experience more holistically than just engagement and retention tools.

At Wipro Consumer Care International, we have started to go beyond the traditional ways of looking at employee engagement.

With a growing base of over 10,000 multi-racial and multi-generational employees, we are redesigning our talent engagement and development leveraging technology like mobile apps, for a lot of employee touch points.

Our attempt is to provide our workforce with a seamless framework across various facets of their professional lives.

Wipro Consumer Care international has acquired diverse businesses via inorganic growth. Each of these businesses have their own processes and own unique culture which we retain to ensure minimal disruption for employees. This makes employee engagement that much more complex, interesting and challenging.

While we are embarking on new and innovative ways of deepening engagement, we continue to provide the traditional and fundamental interventions for our diverse workforce.

Some popular programmes include a range of fitness programmes, bio-diversity parks in our manufacturing plants, marathon training and runs, and workshops for mature employees to learn financial planning.

Employee engagement is advocated by all leaders and not just limited to HR practitioners.

At Wipro Consumer Care, leaders across functions have started to look deeper and beyond to ensure the employees are getting the holistic experience they seek.  

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