Disruption in Asia: a rising trend that's here to stay

Senior executives across the Asia Pacific are experiencing more disruptive pressure and largely feel unprepared to handle it.

According to a new study by Heidrick & Struggles, eight out of ten C-suite executives in Asia Pacific have experienced increased disruption compared to 18 months ago. A similar proportion, 83%, expect this trend to continue in the next year and a half.

Technology and increasing customer expectations were the two most commonly cited reasons for expected and experienced disruption.

The survey, which involved 558 executives across the region, also found that only 44% of respondents felt that their companies would be able to navigate the changes in landscape – through such factors as talent, agility, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

"Competitive advantage will be gained by those companies that bring together leadership, talent and an ability to accelerate performance even in uncertain times,” said Steve Mullinjer, regional leader for Heidrick & Struggles in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

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