Decrease in workplace fatalities and injuries

New figures released indicate that there have been fewer workplace deaths and injuries in Singapore this year so far.

Singapore has seen fewer workplace fatalities and injuries in the first of this year, compared to last year, according to new statistics released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

There were 19 fatalities in the first half of this year, down from 42 in the first half of last year, and 24 in the second half.

More than a third of this year’s fatalities occurred in the manufacturing and construction sectors, with vehicular-related incidents and falls being the top causes.

Likewise, workplace injuries also decreased from 6,245 this time last year, to 6,151 so far this year, with a spike in the middle during the second half of last year (6,769).

Again, the manufacturing sector was the biggest contributor to this statistic, having seen almost 1,500 cases of workplace injuries.

Falls were the biggest cause of workplace injury, causing 4 out of 10 major injuries.

“While the number of fatalities had dropped compared to 1H 2016, we should continue to be vigilant," said Executive Director of Workplace Safety & Health Institute, Dr Gan Siok Lin.”

“There is a need for added focus on vehicular safety given the higher incidence of fatality due to vehicular-related incidents. I would like to remind employers and workers to focus on improving risk communication, supervision and work coordination as our analysis of fatal and major injuries had revealed these to be the main gaps.”

The MOM says that for the rest of this year, its inspections will target vehicular safety, falls, and machinery safety across various sectors, particularly construction and manufacturing.

Most recently, the collapse of a viaduct under construction near Changi left one worker dead and 10 others injured.

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