Jollibee accused of LGBTQ discrimination

The Filipino food chain allegedly fired an employee for being gender queer.

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) in the Philippines has been accused of discrimination against a member of the LGBTQ community.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Bunny Cadag – who identifies as gender queer – alleges that Jollibee discriminated against them due to their non-binary gender presentation.  

In a Facebook post, Cadag described being hired for three days of transcription work—only to be told not to return to the office after the second day.

Cadag went on to say that they received a call from recruitment firm set up the job, claiming that Jollibee was “not ready” to accept LGBTQ staff due to the company’s religious beliefs.

When further queries to the recruiter went unanswered, Cadag made a complaint through Jollibee’s official Facebook account and website, before calling Jollibee customer service a few days later.

After a fortnight of silence, Cadag took their complaint and evidence to the local Commission on Human Rights. The Inquirer says that this Commission is still searching out an investigator for the case.

Jollibee did eventually issue a statement apologising for the incident: “We assure everyone that this is an isolated incident as JFC does not in any way tolerate any disrespect, discrimination, harassment, violation or intimidation of any person, consistent with our company policy on diversity and inclusion.”

Jollibee also has outlets in Singapore and Vietnam.

The Phillippines does not yet have laws against the decimation of LGBTQ employees.


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