Bahrain rejects ban on over-50 expats

Lawmakers had called for a blockade on older foreign workers.

Despite calls to prevent expatriates over the age of 50 from working in Bahrain, the proposal has been rejected by the country’s Council of Representatives.

Legislators who proposed the ban had hoped the move would improve employment prospects for locals.  

Just over half of Bahrain’s population comprises foreigners, though these are mostly low-skilled Asians working in the construction and service industries.

Gulf News reports Bahrain lawmaker Jalal Kadhem as saying that more foreigners were being hired in the private sector, and at a faster rate.

However, most of his peers felt that Bahrain would continue to benefit from experienced and skilled labour.

 “Such a proposal clashes with international covenants and is not in the interests of Bahrain,” said Ali Al Aradi, the First Deputy Speaker of Bahrain's Parliament. “There are various sectors that do need people with experience and expertise.”


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