Learn to fry KFC chicken via a virtual escape room

KFC will be sending its cooks into a virtual escape room to learn how to make its famous fried chicken.

KFC takes its fried chicken very seriously, requiring employees to achieve a Chicken Mastery Certification before they start cooking in the fast food chain’s kitchens.

The fried chicken pioneer has now leveraged virtual reality (VR) to make its training program even more interesting.

The immersive VR experience, titled "The Hard Way – a KFC Virtual Training Escape Room” is essentially a gamified training program.

Trainees are guided along the way by a virtual version of founder Colonel Sanders, to make sure they’re correctly cooking fried chicken based on the famous and once-patented recipe that Sanders developed more than 70 years ago (labelled "the Hard Way").

Thanks to time-lapse technology, trainees will be able to witness a 10-minute demonstration of KFC’s cooking process—something that takes 25 minutes in the “real world”.

In a press release, the company stated that it will be using the VR technology in its regional general manager training classes, quarterly franchise meetings, and employee onboarding at its headquarters.

It will not replace existing training initiatives at the company, but function as a supplement to remind staff of KFC's history and unique selling points.

“Incorporating playful design and game mechanics that make virtual reality so popular, such as the escape room concept, mini games, surprises, and a meticulous Colonel who controls the entire experience, KFC's VR tool is a fun and interactive add-on to the brand's training program,” said the company.

"What excites us is experimenting with new tools and mediums to tell stories. VR became an obvious choice to create an immersive experience that teaches trainees how to make KFC's Original Recipe," said Jonathan Minori, design director of W+K Lodge, the creative technology agency which worked with KFC to develop the VR experience.

“The escape room concept builds on the pure training and utility of the experience into something that's also entertaining and connected to KFC's iconic founder,” he added.

KFC’s virtual training escape room functions on the Oculus platform, which uses the popular Rift headset.

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