Opportunity of a lifetime for Uber CEO pick

Uber has yet to confirm the appointment but Dara Khosrowshahi seems well on track to take on the top job.

The appointment of Dara Khosrowshahi to the top post at Uber has yet to be finalised and formally announced, but Khosrowshahi has described it as an “opportunity of a lifetime”.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the outgoing Expedia CEO declined to comment on the status of the appointment.

However, he did say: “Uber is a company that is redefining the transportation industry on a global basis; to be part of that story is something that is interesting and would be a real privilege.”

“Are there difficulties? Are there complexities? Are there challenges? Absolutely, but that’s also what makes it fun. I am not in this to coast. I’m in it to get my hands dirty and build a team and do something that people will look back on with tons of satisfaction,” he added.

Sources close to the matter have suggested that Khosrowshahi was chosen by Uber on Sunday to replace Travis Kalanick.

Khosrowshahi, 48, arrived in the US in the late 1970s’ as an Iranian refugee. He studied electrical engineering at Brown University in the US, before embarking on a career in finance. Khosrowshahi has worked with Expedia since 2001, and as CEO since 2005.

During his 12-year tenure as chief, the online travel agency became the largest of its kind in the US and counts Hotels.com and Trivago as brands under its portfolio.

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