Readers' Choice Awards: Best Background Screening Provider

RISQ Group's decision to resolutely adhere to a simple and powerful vision has paid off handsomely.

When it comes to the screening of candidates, clients desire an effective service that allows them to make the best possible decision for the organisation.

RISQ Group – which scooped home the Best Background Screening Provider accolade –  thinks this simple philosophy is what made it stand out from the rest of the pack.

“We believe RISQ Group stood out because we have consistently followed a simple and powerful vision: to build the best employment screening and verification offering in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Michelle Soon, Screening Manager Singapore (pictured).

“With RISQ Group, the customer knows they are getting a team of experienced screening professionals devoted to delivering the best employment screening and verification available.”

Behind RISQ Group’s customer-centric mission entails a unique combination of innovative thinking and decades of frontline employment screening and verification experience that knows exactly how to best protect organisations throughout the employment life cycle. 

“We are the architects of many of the industry's best practice policies, and are committed to developing and executing next generation screening and verification technologies that will keep our clients protected and well ahead of the curve,” said Soon.

“All of our innovation, commitment and learning is devoted to improving their experience and outcomes.  We really just have one single priority that eclipses them all: put the customer first.”

Having cultivated a strong collective spirit, Soon paid tribute to the organisation’s team for its success.

“We’re really excited, proud, and gratified to see their hard work, expertise and dedication paying off in this way.”


HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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