EY introduces new career development tool for its global workforce

Called LEAD, the model uses innovative digital platforms that encourages real-time feedback for its 250,000 employees.

EY has rolled out a series of new global talent programmes designed to prepare its workforce and business for the future of work.

At the top of the list is LEAD, a new global model for career, development and performance.

LEAD uses technology and innovative digital platforms and encourages real-time feedback across EY’s global workforce of 250,000 people, so that people gain the insights they need to develop, grow their individual careers and prepare for the future of work. LEAD also eliminates the use of numeric ratings in the performance management process.

“Developing our people into becoming complex problem-solvers and preparing them for the future of work is key to our organisation’s continued success,” says Mark Weinberger, EY Global Chairman and CEO.

“EY is transforming its approach to talent development with the introduction of LEAD and giving more people the opportunity to develop ‘hot’ skills, particularly as we use more complex data analytics and introduce robotics and artificial intelligence.”

He adds that with the new talent development initiative, EY employees will have the opportunity to spend more time having constructive, forward-looking conversations to help them plan their careers and support continuous learning and development.

“It’s those dialogues that often spark a great idea, unlock a solution or inspire someone to realize their potential,” says Weinberger.

With LEAD, the emphasis now shifts from retrospective performance evaluations and detailed written assessments, to real-time feedback and better conversations that focus on individual career journeys and long-term future aspirations.

At the beginning of the year and at least every 90 days thereafter, EY staff will meet with counsellors to review ongoing feedback and have discussions that drive higher performance and greater individual development.

“At EY, each person’s career journey is unique, and we want our people to be able to achieve the career they want, while also having the flexibility to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities along the way,” says Nancy Altobello, EY’s Global Vice Chair of Talent.

Specifically, LEAD features a new digital personal dashboard that provides an intuitive way for EY people to view their feedback from teams, and track their progress in real-time. At the end of each year, EY people will receive individual summary reports showing a consolidated view of all performance feedback as well as an indication of how they performed in relation to their peers and against the top standard. 

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