Readers' Choice Awards: Best Corporate Health & Wellness Screening Provider

Asiamedic has humbly accepted the Readers' Choice Award for Best Corporate Health Wellness Screening Provider

Despite bagging the Readers' Choice Award for Best Corporate Health & Wellness Screening Provider, Choo Kin Poo, CEO of Asiamedic (pictured), played down his organisation’s victory.

“Our reaction to winning the category has been a humble one,” said Choo.

“We focus on our patients and clients by providing high quality services, and creating a seamless experience.”

Indeed, Asiamedic has been quietly going about its business, having celebrated its 20th year anniversary this year.

As one of Singapore’s oldest health screening and wellness provider in the market, the organisation has been providing the highest-quality integrated services to its patients and clients.

A key offering of Asiamedic is its integrated, advanced diagnostic imaging facilities.

Situated in the same premises as Asiamedic’s clinics, patients and clients can save a tremendous amount of time by undertaking full screening procedures in a single stop, and test results can be assessed promptly through a multi-disciplinary team approach. 

Asiamedic is also planning to invest further in technology to enhance patients’ and clients’ experiences and deliver greater value.

“We aim to be their premier health partner, where we will work with our patients and clients to monitor their health and wellness status and improve their quality of life,” said Choo.

Winning the category has reinforced our belief in being quality-centric and we will continue to pursue higher excellence in our services.”

HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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