Japanese broadcaster sorry for karoshi

The issue of karoshi, or death from overworking, has again been put in the spotlight.

Public broadcaster NHK apologised to the parents of a young reporter who died of heart failure after clocking in an incredible 159 hours of overtime in a month.

NHK reporter Miwa Sado, 31, who had been covering political news in Tokyo, was found dead in her bed in July 2013, reportedly clutching her mobile phone.

Details of her death have again brought a sharp focus on the nationwide problem of karoshi- death from overworking.

It is particularly humiliating episode for NHK as the broadcaster has campaigned against Japan’s long-hours culture.

A government inquest a year after her death ruled that it was linked to excessive overtime.

NHK eventually made the case public four years on, after pressure from Sado's parents to take action to prevent a recurrence.

NHK's chief has promised to improve its work conditions.

According to a recently-released government report on death from overwork, there were 191 karoshi cases in the year ending March 2017.

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