Bubble tea shop in China "silently" making waves

The shop's unique hiring rule is making heads turn.

A bubble tea shop in Guiyang in the southern province of Guizhou, China, is quietly gaining prominence due to its strategy of only recruiting deaf workers.

The South China Morning Post reported that the outlet offers an ideal and safe setting for students who graduated from a local special needs high school to enhance their communication skills.

All employees communicate through sign language, save for one cashier who does not possess any hearing or language impediments.

Visual aids and menus are readily visible on the shop’s walls as well as counters for customers to point to.

Staff join the outlet as interns before being accepted as employees.

The outlet comprises of 16 permanent employees who each undertook a month-and-a-half of training before beginning work full-time.

According to China News Service, the chain was due to expand in October with two more branches having been set to open in the city.

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