Confessions of an HR disruptor

Grace Yip of Accenture Southeast Asia talks about secret HR weapons in this month's HR Pep Talk.

About the Author

Grace Yip is the Managing Director, Head of HR, Accenture Southeast Asia

The survival and success of a company is directly attributed back to the quality and capability of the HR function. Today, disruption is creating seismic shifts that will create a new normal and divide companies. There will be those that fall away, those that survive, and those that will not just survive, but thrive.

While the war for talent is not a new one, the weapons that HR teams need to use to fight this modern battle are different. Today, these weapons include:

  • Phenomenal, personalised candidate and employee experiences, delivered consistently;
  • Smart use of digital technology to drive both efficiency and effectiveness, utilising a people-first approach; and
  • Use of neuroscience and behavioural economics concepts to redesign key people capabilities and processes.

Many HR functions are struggling with the gravitational shifts that they need to make at speed. Too often they are insular, lack diversity of thought, and are disconnected from the businesses they serve. We need to intentionally disrupt our teams to rotate them to this new world.

In my experience, the tipping point occurs when about a third of the function is operating with a different mindset and possess new capabilities to successfully drive sustainable change. This is not to say that experienced HR professionals no longer have a place in the new world. It is about creating a new context and environment such that the infusion of new people, perspectives and capabilities can permeate and effect lasting change in the team.

The role of an HR disruptor is not an easy one. You still need to be an expert relationship builder and influencer who possesses the ability to be both a strategic thinker and a strong executor. But most importantly, you need the strong sponsorship of senior leadership to stand with you.

There is no greater time to be in the business of people. And there is no time like now to open our arms to people who bring a different perspective.

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