Asia's most effective workspaces: Leo Burnett (Hong Kong)

We take a look at advertising agency Leo Burnett Hong Kong in this edition of Asia's Most Effective Workspaces.

Leo Burnett (Hong Kong)

Employees -  200

Designed by-  Bean Buro

Visitors to Leo Burnett’s Hong Kong office are left with no doubt of the advertising agency’s creative credentials. Spread across two stories as well as a large outdoor terrace, the 35,000 square-foot space in the burgeoning Kwun Tong district of East Kowloon is designed to mimic the vibrant, urban (read: US hipster) life of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It features writable walls, and strategic noise reduction elements so that meetings and discussions can take place spontaneously, all in support of a dynamic working culture.


  • Variety of work spaces for staff to choose from, including:

       a.     Open-plan work clusters

       b.     Semi-private discussion areas

       c.     Private meeting rooms

  • Full-height glass walls throughout
  • Designated writeable walls
  • Large outdoor terrace, with a 10-meter-long bar and barbecue area that also hosts casual work meetings

So what?

  • Semi-private discussion areas allow people to brainstorm, review works, or hold informal meetings within smaller groups.
  • The terrace creates another option for staff to meet in, with some fresh air
  • Overall layout and design elements improve work-balance and employee health

They say:

"Leo Burnett is a ‘HumanKind’ agency – we are advocates for putting people first in everything. We believe what we are doing is not advertising, this is about people. We practice what we preach internally with our people too. We need to understand our people, and how we can create an office environment and layout that fosters productivity.  

My favourite part of the office is the lovely café area and large outdoor terrace where staff can have lunch, hold informal meetings, or throw parties.

It is also the perfect place for Friday drinks after a stressful week.” 

- Cary Shek, Director Of People And Culture, Leo Burnett Hong Kong


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