Readers Advice

HRM Asia - 31 Aug 2017
I work for a larger SME in the senior HR ranks. The CEO is urging everyone at our level to undertake an MBA.
HRM Asia - 18 Aug 2017
I work for a well-known bank, and am about to have my first regional exposure in a secondment. This is exciting, but do you have any tips on how to make the most impact over such a short assignment?
HRM Asia - 11 Aug 2017
After being in the graduate job market unsuccessfully for six months, I am contemplating a two-month internship.
Paul Howell - 04 Aug 2017
I am the highest ranking HR leader in the firm and I report to the Finance Director but I don’t yet have “a seat at the table”. Do you have any advice for increasing my level of influence?
Kelvin Ong - 28 Jul 2017
My company is being acquired by a larger Europe-based organisation, and I have concerns about local layoffs.
HRM Asia - 21 Jul 2017
I have just received my annual bonus and am quite disappointed. I would jump ship, but the job market is looking shaky.
HRM Asia - 14 Jul 2017
I was recently promoted to a senior HR management role and now have a former colleague and friend reporting to me.
HRM Asia - 30 Jun 2017
I feel my HR team has suffered from high turnover because we don't allocate any budget to training.
HRM Asia - 23 Jun 2017
I have been working in HR for 10 months, but haven't enjoyed the work or my colleagues
HRM Asia - 12 May 2017
I am qualified for the manager position that has now become vacant, but my company says I am not being considered for it.
HRM Asia - 28 Apr 2017
My 21-year old son wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and begin a career in HR. I have advised him to tackle a general business degree first, but several schools are now recommending specialist HR-focused programmes.
HRM Asia - 21 Dec 2016
I graduated from a local Singapore Poly almost one year ago and have not yet been able to find my first job in HR - have I missed my chance?