Readers Advice

HRM Asia - 28 Apr 2017
My 21-year old son wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and begin a career in HR. I have advised him to tackle a general business degree first, but several schools are now recommending specialist HR-focused programmes.
HRM Asia - 21 Dec 2016
I graduated from a local Singapore Poly almost one year ago and have not yet been able to find my first job in HR - have I missed my chance?
HRM Asia - 09 Dec 2016
I often don't have enough to do in my job, and feel myself stretching out small tasks to fill in the hours of the day - how can I take more on with treading on anyone's toes?
HRM Asia - 02 Dec 2016
I have been an HR generalist with an SME in Kuala Lumpur for three years and would like to now try a specialisation in recruitment - but my company does not have any roles in that space.
HRM Asia - 25 Nov 2016
My boss says he expects senior HR staff to put in additional hours as an example to others in the organisation but I don't want to stay back just for the sake of it.