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L’Oréal: Cooking up a storm

L’Oréal Brandstorm is a complex ecosystem of competition, ideas, creativity and inspiration. The end product of this initiative is to cultivate and mould talent the L’Oréal way. HRM finds out more.
Sham Majid - 08 Jun 2016
As Bosch ramps up its efforts to ensure the roughly 280 positions in its global Junior Managers Program are filled, plans are also afoot to boost the programme’s headcount in Singapore specifically.
Sham Majid - 30 May 2016
As banks increasingly shift towards digital functions, DBS is looking to build a steady pipeline of young talent who can engage in innovative solutions to the issues of tomorrow. HRM finds out more.
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 25 Mar 2015
The first diploma scholarship programme in support of SkillsFuture in the info-communications sector, the Singtel Cadet Scholarship Programme provides a progressive career pathway to help fresh graduates upgrade and advance, making Singapore a hub for talent in critical areas
Sham Majid - 23 Sep 2014
They are the future torchbearers for HR in Asia. HRM speaks to university students specialising in HR as they prepare to embark on a HR career.
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 22 Sep 2014
Amidst the reality of an ageing workforce and increasing competition for remaining workers, businesses will need to develop strategic approaches to the early career development and retention of younger workers, especially fresh graduates. HRM finds out more
Sumathi V Selvaretnam - 03 Sep 2014
Stiff competition for talent is seeing companies searching out new and creative ways to attract the best candidates. HRM reveals how to get on the radar of today's fresh school leavers

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