All aboard the onboarding express

Graduates today enter the workforce with high expectations. HRM investigates how companies are devising onboarding programmes to keep them happy and settled into their new roles.
HRM Asia - 26 Jul 2013
It is estimated that 50% of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months on the job. Talya Bauer, Professor of Management, Portland State University outlines the critical role onboarding can play in making career transitions much smoother
HRM Asia - 10 Feb 2011
The first few months in a new job are critical in determining an employee's long-term success with an organisation. Effective employee onboarding can provide the necessary knowledge and support for staff to meet the demands of their new roles
HRM Asia - 22 Dec 2010
Employees at wildlife attractions face the dual challenge of creating an authentic wildlife encounter for visitors while ensuring the well-being of their animal charges. Regular training programmes help them achieve that delicate balance
HRM Asia - 20 May 2010
Recruitment is at the top of the HR agenda for many organisations, but it shouldn't stand there alone. For every new employee, HR needs to begin the retention process from Day One - with careful onboarding strategies

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