Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Labour on command

Real-time web platforms have enabled businesses to tap directly into a diverse pool of independent, short-term “gig” contractors on an as-needed basis. HRM Asia speaks to Asian app makers about the advantages of “on-demand” labour outsourcing.
HRM Asia - 20 Apr 2012
JobsDB discusses how small and medium enterprises address recruitment challenges in times of foreign labour shortage
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 19 Mar 2012
When faced with roles that are difficult to fill amidst a competitive recruitment environment, HR traditionally looks to several sources, including search and recruitment outsourcing firms. HRM offers tips to find suitable partner(s) to fulfil your recruitment needs
HRM Asia - 14 Mar 2011
Recruitment can be a tough exercise - whether it's a role or an intake of hundreds. It is no wonder HR has a raft of third party recruiters to partner with. But as HRM discovers, it often takes the perfect partner, to find the perfect candidate match

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