Coaching in, evaluations out?

There is a lot of talk in HR about the benefits of performance management models that emphasise consistent conversations and not ratings, but the jury is still out on how progress can be usefully tracked in the absence of measurable data. HRM Asia examines both sides of the argument.
HRM Asia - 11 Feb 2014
What is your organisation's main tactic for keeping top performers?
HRM Asia - 04 Feb 2014
How do you keep your employees motivated and engaged so they don't jump ship in the New Year? In this exclusive Q&A, employee motivation expert Dr Bob Nelson shares how you can energise and engage your workforce through rewards and recognition
HRM Asia - 14 Jan 2014
Tang Seok Hian, Head of Talent Management - South East Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group shares her thoughts on HR's role in managing expectations of both employees and leadership such that a win-win situation is created
HRM Asia - 13 Dec 2013
How important is training and skills development towards staff retention?
HRM Asia - 29 Nov 2013
Thailand is a country with almost full employment and this presents challenges for employers looking for quality talent in the country. With its strong economy and growing market, many companies are expanding across the country. How can employers manage the shortage of talented candidates and fill roles?
Shalini Shukla-Pandey - 21 Oct 2013
These days, the best employees can be more concerned with their own careers than the organisation where they work. HRM discusses how effective engagement encourages them to stay for the long-haul

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