Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering/IT Positions

APBA TG Human Resource, a member of the TG Group, received Gold for Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering/IT Positions.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Low Xin Pei, Assistant General Manager, TG Singapore, standing at the podium to address the audience after winning Gold Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering/IT Position at the Readers’ Choice Awards.

In a dynamic business environment characterised by globalisation, rapid workforce mobility, and the emergence of Gen Z, talent acquisition complexity has surged. Organisations are turning to recruitment agencies to gain a competitive edge and streamline hiring.  

Paul Ng, CEO of TG Group, emphasised the pivotal role that talent plays in an organisation’s success, noting that the quality of employees is intricately linked to that success. He acknowledged the current dynamics of the workplace, highlighting the imperative for employers to remain keenly attuned to ever-evolving trends and to proactively seek insights to attract top-tier talents.  

APBA TG Human Resource, a member of the TG Group, has earned recognition as the Gold Award winner in the Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering/IT Positions category, underscoring their commitment to supporting organisations in the industry in navigating these challenges and securing top-tier professionals. The award is a result of their performance in assisting government bodies, multinationals, and local organisations in the pursuit of engineering and IT talents.  

What sets APBA TG apart is its forward-thinking approach, allowing employers to proactively address the ever-shifting trends in the job market. Their expertise lies in designing and executing customised talent acquisition and recruitment strategies based on a deep understanding of their clients’ specific needs. 

Ng also expressed his gratitude towards their client partners in Singapore and the wider region, acknowledging their trust and support. He emphasised that their progressive working relationships have enabled them to craft solutions that cater to the recruitment needs of their clients.  

TG Singapore is a global workforce solutions provider operating in over 50 markets worldwide. They offer innovative human capital solutions, including Contingent Workforce Management (CWM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), permanent Placements, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), and Payroll Process Outstanding (PPO).