Best Corporate Healthcare/Wellness Solution Provider (Gold)

Multiplier is the Gold Winner of the Best Corporate Healthcare/Wellness Solution Provider award at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.
By: | November 17, 2022
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Hiraash Thawfeek, CTO of Multiplier, received the Gold Award for Best Corporate Healthcare/Wellness Solution Provider at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.

Having a corporate wellness strategy programme is arguably one of the best ways to improve employee productivity, and even on a wider level, reduce healthcare costs. Healthy employees potentially take fewer sick days and can also cope with stress and reduce their risk of chronic disease.

Hiraash Thawfeek, CTO of Multiplier, said, “When wellness in companies was first introduced, it was about providing a well-equipped pantry, or complimentary gym passes. Today, wellness has extended beyond physical health. Just as important if not more, companies must start to focus more on employees’ psychological and mental wellbeing, which have proven to bolster higher employee engagement, higher retention rates and higher confidence in a company’s leadership.”

Multiplier offers healthcare and wellness packages at a localised level, enabling its customers to provide tailored employment contracts and benefits for their employees. Insurance is one such area where employers can utilise the Multiplier platform to compare, choose and customise the coverage to ensure their international workforce receives homogenous benefits that are compliant with local corporate and tax laws across the globe. From claims to payments, all administrative processes can be managed on the platform. Through partnerships with leading providers globally, the company has been able to provide local employees with diverse health and wellness solutions, which they recognise and trust.

Besides providing healthcare and wellness coverage, the Multiplier SaaS platform supports employers to create, generate and sign multinational employment contracts in 150 countries. This further affirms the company’s commitment to empowering companies to scale their businesses and hire internationally through a single platform.

According to Hiraash, Multiplier was the first company in the world to launch localised and customisable yet homogeneous benefits across Asia Pacific, which was one of the reasons that saw the company win the Gold Award for Best Corporate Healthcare/Wellness Solution Provider.

“Receiving the Gold Award in Best Corporate Healthcare/Wellness Solution Provider is something we are extremely proud of,” he said. “With everything going on around the world, geopolitical factors and a shrinking talent pool, it is a privilege for us to be held in high trust by all our customers and their employees, that we deliver more than just employment solutions, but beyond that as well.”

Multiplier was founded in 2020 to simplify how companies hire, pay, and manage employees in countries without a local legal entity. With over 150 entities and partnerships established worldwide, Multiplier’s platform simplifies the employment process by taking charge of the complexities involved in expanding and employing in new markets.

By addressing the issues of global employment, Multiplier is helping eliminate borders to redistribute the supply and demand of global talent by providing opportunities for people and scaling companies across the world.